Gasthof Albergo Ressmair

  • Bed & breakfast
  • Italia
  • Merano
  • Romstraße 166, 39012 Merano, Italia
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Gasthof Albergo Ressmair is located in Merano, close to Parc Elizabeth, Parco Maia and Kurhaus, and offers free WiFi.


Near the bed and breakfast are several places of interest, including the Merano theater, the Kunst Merano Arte and the Maia Bassa train station. The nearest airport is Bolzano Airport, located 30 km from Gasthof Albergo Ressmair.

Accommodation services

  • free wifi
  • smoke-free rooms
  • heating


Useful information


from 14:00h.


until 12:00h.


Fantastic! A 6.4

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